S A S K A T O O N  M E N' S  C H O R U S


Becoming a Member

New members are always welcome to join the Saskatoon Men's Chorus, subject to availability of space.  Most new members join at the beginning of September, although occasionally there are a few new spaces available in early January each year.

Prospective new members should have previous singing and choral experience.  The ability to read music is very useful for a new member, but is not required.  This skill is learned as we rehearse the music, and with the members working on the music on their own; sound files for each part of each song will be provided for all SMC members.

The directors will take the recruits individually through a simple 'voice check'.  This process helps decide the choir sections for which they are best suited.  Any men in Saskatoon and surrounding area who are interested in becoming a member of the Saskatoon Men's Chorus are encouraged to contact one of the Chorus' directors (Deborah at 306-652-0379, or Lynn at 306-955-5616), or by clicking here.